Autarkh on reimagining artistic ideas

Here's a little update about Autarkh's artistic process, in anticipation of the release of their second album 'Emergent', out November 10 on Season Of Mist.

Michel comments:
We've been working hard on our new album Emergent and we'd like to share a little backstory about our process.

We love to reimagine artistic ideas. Most of the songs on our debut album Form in Motion are reinterpretations of songs that were originally written for the 3rd album of my former band Dodecahedron, before the band broke up.

Through our alter ego Autarkh III we keep recycling ideas in a different context. Currently we are developing a visual representation of how this process works for us. Here's a little example of this process. The source material of the final song on Emergent, called 'Ka' comes from Dodecahedron, as you can hear in the main beat and riff. 'Ka' also follows a similar structure, with a calmer middle section.

Eventually, the song bursts open. We then decided to reinterpret this bit for Autarkh III, as we are working on a new album in this context as well. We hope to reveal more about our 'circular art model' in the near future, so stay tuned!