Autarkh announce upcoming album Emergent

Dutch contemporary metal adventurers AUTARKH are back with their sophomore full-length album Emergent, to be released on 10 November 2023 by Season Of Mist. Michel Nienhuis, founder of AUTARKH and DODECAHEDRON, teamed up again with guitarist/producer David Luiten (INFERUM), bassist Desmond Kuijk (DEAR MOTHER) and electronics wizard Tijnn Verbruggen to create the follow-up to their highly acclaimed debut album Form In Motion, released by Season Of Mist on 12 March 2021.

Emergent is another testament to AUTARKH’s imagination and creativity. It delivers increased versatility and contrast, and sees the band expand towards more uplifting and consonant territories. Form In Motion explored the boundaries of sonic extremes; on Emergent, AUTARKH broadens its horizon and shows diversity and nuance while preserving its intense and razor-sharp edge.

Track list:
Open Focus (06:59)
Strife (05:23)
Duhkha (05:20)
Trek (05:26)
Refocus (04:49)
Aperture (01:46)
Eye Of Horus (04:23)
Countless Kaleidoscopes (05:17)
Ka (06:14)

Michel Nienhuis: vocals & guitars
David Luiten: vocals & guitars
Tijnn Verbruggen: synths & beats
Desmond Kuijk: bass

Cover emergent